Information for GPs

A trusted name in mental health care, Ramsay Mental Health provides a range of mental health services to patients throughout Australia.


With a referral to us, you can be assured your patient will receive world-class care, designed for their needs, at a location suited to them. This could be either through referrals to Ramsay Psychology or Ramsay Mental Health clinics for day programs or inpatient care.


Patient admissions to Ramsay Mental Health Clinics are available Monday to Friday, although some clinics can provide weekend admissions. To find out more about admissions and referral pathways, services available, or an inpatient or day program admission, please call our Easy Access Service at one of our locations to speak with a Senior Mental Health Nurse.

Ramsay Mental Health Services

For patients with more complex mental health conditions where behavioural therapy may not be appropriate, a psychiatrist led program at one of our clinics may be the right option.


Our Mental Health Clinics include inpatient, day programs, hospital in the home (in some clinics), outpatient consultations, neurostimulation and other treatments including transcranial magnetic stimulation.

For patients requiring support for life changes or relationship issues, a psychologist may be the right course of action. They may see one of our psychologists either as a standalone plan or following psychiatric care with Ramsay Mental Health.


As Australia’s largest private provider of psychology services, our broad network of practitioners and locations means your patient can see someone whose expertise matches their needs, close to home.


Please note if you refer to us with a Mental Health Care Plan, a gap fee per session is payable by the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

To find the clinic most convenient for your patient, please use our search tool.

To find the clinic most convenient for your patient, please use our search tool.

Every clinic and treatment program will have a different wait time.


Call the clinic you are referring your patient to for more information about wait times.

It is important that your patient asks their private health provider about which services are covered under their insurance.