Building Early Attachment and Resilience (BEAR) Program

“If a child has a good experience in a nurturing environment from a young age, it builds up resilience and can protect them from future mental health risk.”

Research shows that a child’s first three years shape their mental and emotional health for the rest of their lives. Experiences with caregivers are vital to early development and shape infants’ neurological and psychological growth. Our earliest experiences are the foundations for positive mental health and resilience.

Common challenges faced by parents, such as anxiety and depression can have a negative impact on transition to parenthood and infant attachment.

About BEAR

The Ramsay Clinic Albert Road Building Early Attachment and Resilience (BEAR) is a unique face-to-face group infant -parent group program for mothers and their infants from 4 weeks of age.

Led by perinatal and infant clinicians with individual support available as needed, the program is designed for parents who have experienced depression, anxiety, attachment difficulties and other challenges and works to build confidence and aid recovery.

The program works with mothers and babies to promote positive relationships, emotional interaction, and infant development. It assists new mothers in caring for, bonding with, and understanding their baby.


The Ramsay Clinic Albert Road BEAR Program has been developed and is led by Psychiatrist Professor Louise Newman AM. Professor Newman AM is a specialist in Perinatal and Infant Mental Health and early life Psychological Interventions. She is experienced in Women’s Mental Health, support for early parenting and developmental difficulties of infants and young children and trained in Infant and Parent Psychodynamic Therapy.

Program Details

Length and timing: 1 x 3 hour session per week over 5 consecutive weeks

Style: Small group therapy with a maximum of 6 participants

Location: Multi-purpose Room 1, Ground Floor at Ramsay Clinic Albert Road

Participants: Mothers and their baby/babies

Suitability criteria: Mothers with who are experiencing mental health challenges and attachment difficulties.

Cost: The program is covered under some Private Health Insurance agreements. Some funds do not cover the entire program and out of pocket costs may apply.  Patients can also self-fund the program.

Referral Process

A referral from a Medical Practitioner is required.

Medical Practitioners must first refer their patient to a Ramsay Clinic Albert Road Perinatal and Infant Psychiatrist who will then go on to refer the patient into the BEAR program.

To complete a referral a practitioner may:

Please include in the referral:

  • Patient’s name, address, date of birth, contact numbers and Health Insurance details
  • Outline of presenting problem
  • Previous mental health history, treatments and potential risk factors
  • Relevant medical history
  • Current medications

Referring Medical Practitioners will be contacted when a Ramsay Clinic Albert Road Psychiatrist has accepted the referral.

Patients will be required to attend a Perinatal and Infant Psychiatrist appointment for an assessment to review their current management and determine if the BEAR program is suitable. A community program assessment will also be conducted prior to being booked into the program.

The patient will be contacted to undertake a health fund check to determine if the program is covered under their private health insurance. They will be advised of any out-of-pocket costs which must be paid prior to beginning the program (Cash payment is available).