Day Programs & Outreach

Ramsay Clinic Albert Road offers a wide range of day programs and outreach for people requiring support for mental health conditions.

Day Programs are structured, therapeutic group sessions – think of it as ‘group therapy’. We have a diverse range of day programs on offer, each tailored to address the specific needs of the people we care for. Run once or twice a week, over a period of weeks or months, you’ll work with our expert therapists on building life skills, managing symptoms and preventing relapse. Depending on your program, you may also receive individual therapy sessions as part of your therapy.

You can read more about the specific Day Programs on offer at Ramsay Clinic Albert Road below


You can download the full Ramsay Clinic Albert Road Day Program Timetable here

Outreach is community-based care involving individualised treatment plans for adults or seniors delivered in your home. Sometimes, outreach will be provided via telehealth – like during period of lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Outreach is ideal for people who need short-term support after a stay at Ramsay Clinic Albert Road, for people who are waiting to begin a day program or who need longer-term support.


How to access Day Programs & Outreach

To access Day Programs or Outreach at Ramsay Clinic Albert Road, you’ll need a referral from your GP, psychologist or psychiatrist. Learn more

Before you get started in a Day Program, you’ll also meet with our assessment team to discuss your goals for recovery, so that we can ensure our programs will meet your needs.

For all enquiries about accessing services at Ramsay Clinic Albert Road please call 03 9256 8311.