Other conditions

Mental health conditions are wide ranging. People can experience different mental health challenges at different times in their lives or following different life experiences.

A number of Ramsay Mental Health services offer a general mental health ward, to care for patients experiencing general mental health issues and mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression.

Recovery and Relapse Prevention


One half day / week for 12 weeks

The Recovery and Relapse Prevention program is designed to help participants to live well with mental health challenges and to reduce the likelihood and impact of a relapse.

Rather than focusing directly on specific types of disorders, the Recovery and Relapse Prevention program is inclusive of participants who have experienced various mental health issues and symptoms. A combination of therapies is utilised to deliver a program in a supportive, encouraging and learning environment.

The Recovery and Relapse Prevention day program covers issues that have been identified by research as being important in the onset and maintenance of depressed mood. These issues include:

  • Early warning signs, potential risks and protective factors
  • Daily activity plans and medication maintenance
  • Wellness / Crisis support plans
  • Relationships and communication
  • Work, education and other meaningful activities
  • Harmful releases and healthy alternatives
  • Physical health and wellbeing
  • Resilience and strengths
  • Personal coping skills
  • Treatment and support options

Emphasis is placed on the provision of a warm, supportive environment that values the lived experience and supports group participants to take personal responsibility for developing plans, coping skills and support networks that best meet their individual needs and preferences.

For further information or to make a referral please call Ramsay Clinic Rockhampton on (07) 4932 1140


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