Going home

You will be preparing for going home from the very beginning of your admission.

The therapy team will meet with you in the first few days to create a discharge plan for you.  This plan will have input from your treating team and you and your carer (if you wish).  It will be discussed with you throughout your stay to ensure a smooth transition home.

You will be introduced to the discharge planner a day or two after your admission to consider length of stay and your admission goals. Staff will review your discharge planner regularly with you to work around relapse prevention and discharge planning.

A discharge contact card and an electronic discharge summary will be completed for you by the nursing staff. This form is your discharge support plan and details follow-up appointments and significant dates and community supports.

On discharge you’re encouraged to consider attending our outpatient Day Programs which have been designed to provide ongoing support and prevent relapse.

Day of heading home

On the morning of your discharge, your nurse will have ready for you:

  • medication and prescriptions,
  • clinical discharge questionnaires,
  • patient satisfaction questionnaire, and
  • any necessary follow up appointments.

You are required to vacate your room by noon. However, you can stay at Clinic for the remainder of the day - please see nursing staff to arrange storage of your belongings.

Please ensure you collect any items that have been held for safe keeping.

If you have had a general anaesthetic or sedation within the last 24 hours you will need to be accompanied home by a responsible adult. You should not drive a car, operate machinery or domestic appliances, conduct important business or drink alcohol for at least 24 hours following your anaesthetic.

Before heading home, please also go to Hillcrest Rockhampton Private Hospital Reception where the team will have Accounts for additional charges not covered by your health insurance, which are payable on discharge. We accept cash, credit card or EFTPOS (direct payments only, no cash withdrawals)

Aside from your hospital accounts, you may receive additional accounts from your treating Psychiatrist, Radiology, Pathology, or Pharmacy services that may be claimable by you from Medicare and your health insurance fund.