Carer Support

We recognise that mental illness can be associated with emotional distress and family disruption. The prospect of caring for your loved one can be daunting, but it can also be an extremely rewarding role.

At Ramsay Clinic Rockhampton, our aim is to help you to adjust to your carer role and we’re here to support and encourage you to maintain a positive outlook.

We run a fortnightly carer’s group and also provide carer packs.

Our group aims to provide carers with:

  • An understanding of various mental illnesses and their treatments
  • Knowledge of resources in the community
  • Practical coping and management skills for use at home
  • Education and training to prepare for their role as a carer
  • Learning to look after yourself
  • Understanding medication

Carer & Consumer Group

This group exists to provide an opportunity for the involvement and feedback of carers and patients regarding the services provided by Ramsay Clinic Rockhampton. The group consists of patient, carer and Clinic representatives. For further information please see the Nurse Unit Manager.

The group liaise with hospital management to:

  • Look for viable options for improvement
  • Ensure the rights of all patients and family carers are met
  • Make relevant suggestions that will improve all aspects of service planning, delivery, training and evaluation
  • Endeavour to achieve satisfactory outcomes to issues raised
  • There are a number of ways Clinic patients and their carers can assist the group to do this:
    • Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires
    • Direct contact with the group