Substance misuse and addiction

When a person uses too much alcohol or other drugs on a regular basis, they can feel dependent on them to make it through the day. This substance misuse and addiction is a disease, and it can damage a person’s physical, social and mental health.

Substance misuse can result in changes and long-term damage to the brain and other organs. It is a major cause of mental illness. 

Treatment for substance misuse and addiction depends on the type of substances involved, and how serious a person’s addiction is. Treatment may involve a mix of psychiatric interventions, psychological care, support groups and self-help strategies.



Alcohol & Prescription Drug Program

This program provides expert counselling and treatment to individuals needing professional help to combat their alcohol and prescription drug dependence.

Our inpatient alcohol and prescription drug rehabilitation service is run by an experienced multi-disciplinary team who provide patients with 24 hour care – in a comfortable, stable environment allowing patients to focus solely on recovery.

This program - which starts with detoxification (if required) - is designed to assist patients stop substance misuse and includes:

  • Strategies to strengthen motivation to change
  • Relapse prevention strategies to cope with cravings and triggers
  • Thinking skills and managing stress
  • Psychoeducation about substance use
  • Managing depression and anxiety

Patients are encouraged to attend our follow-up outpatient Alcohol and Drug Day Program specifically designed to provide support and prevent relapse.


New Farm Clinic’s Drug and Alcohol program is abstinence based. We support patients as they work towards the goal of living a drug and alcohol free life.

The Drug and Alcohol day program focuses on two stages of recovery.

  1. Stage one addresses coming to terms with living drug/alcohol free and includes relapse prevention techniques.
  2. Stage two focuses on the underlying issues relevant to the development of emotional wellbeing and ongoing abstinence.

For further information please call our Day Patient Program Coordinator on (07) 3254 9100. A referral from your GP or current treating psychiatrist is required for entry to the programs. Please send referrals to our Day Patient Program Coordinator by fax (07) 3254 9601 or email New Farm Clinic staff will coordinate admission to the appropriate program.

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