Deeper meaning: it’s much more than happiness

Deeper meaning: it’s much more than happiness

Since the dawn of time, people have asked - ‘What is the meaning of life?’ While that question may not ever be answered, one thing is true: finding your own meaning increases your sense of purpose – and it’s entirely up to you what meaning is.

What is deeper meaning?

Deeper meaning may sound like a vague term but, in essence, it is very simple. Deeper meaning is looking deeper into yourself, your values, what is important to you, and determining what you want your life to stand for.

Finding your deeper meaning can help you to create a meaningful life for yourself, where your actions and decisions are based around thoughtful, purposeful thinking. Your life is built on a strong foundation, built by you around what is important to you and what you think is right.

According to author Emily Esfahani Smith, meaning can be related to purpose, such as longterm goals, or to belonging: to a group, a family or a community. It can come through storytelling – creating your own personal brand or the story of your life. The fourth pillar of meaning is transcendence: a connection to a spiritual self or higher power. This can be through nature, religion, personal spirituality or connection to ancestral culture or traditions.

How to find your own deeper meaning

The benefits of finding deeper meaning are many, but finding it doesn’t have to be a huge challenge. You might sit with yourself and realise that your career gives your life meaning, or your family, your friends, or volunteering.

Deeper meaning is much more than the pursuit of happiness or short-term gains. Whatever is in your heart that you know gives you joy and makes you feel like your life means something to you – that is something that gives you deeper meaning.

You can identify the core components of your deeper meaning by identifying your core values. These might include:

  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Parenting or caring
  • Leisure
  • Personal growth
  • Spirituality
  • Work

It’s important to remember that your deeper meaning is your own. Spend time with yourself and listen to your inner voice. Ask yourself what core values mean the most to you.

Deeper meaning is always a work in progress. Spending time meditating or in quiet reflection will help you to fine-tune your foundation and find the perfect balance of values for your own, meaningful, life’s journey. If you find you need a hand along the way, that’s part of life as well.

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