Day Programs

Ramsay Clinic Beleura offers a range of day programs and outreach for people requiring support for mental health conditions.

Day Programs are structured, therapeutic group sessions – think of it as ‘group therapy’. We have a diverse range of day programs on offer, each tailored to address the specific needs of the people we care for. Run once or twice a week, over a period of weeks or months, you’ll work with our expert therapists on building life skills, managing symptoms and preventing relapse.

You can download the full Ramsay Clinic Beleura Day Program Timetable here

How to access Day Programs

To access Day Programs at Ramsay Clinic Beleura, you’ll need a referral from your psychiatrist.  

Before you get started in a Day Program, you’ll also meet with our assessment team to discuss your goals for recovery, so that we can ensure our programs will meet your needs.

For all enquiries about accessing services at Ramsay Clinic Beleura please call 03 5976 0840.

Browse our Day Programs

Art Therapy

The Art therapy program is designed to provide you with a safe outlet to relieve your emotions, relax and de-stress, develop self-awareness and self-esteem, give you a sense of control over your life and help you to get to know and understand yourself better, work on social skills, manage behaviours and symptoms, and solve problems by looking with a different perspective.

DBT Skills Group Therapy

This group program is based on Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). The program is highly

structured and includes sessions dedicated to learning mindfulness, radical acceptance and

willingness, STOP/TIPP skill, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. Each DBT group session finishes with Relaxation and mindfulness.

Alcohol Outpatient Therapy

This group therapy program aims to provide ongoing support to individuals who have made positive

changes to their alcohol dependence, and who wish to minimise risk of future lapse and prevent relapse.

It is a safe environment for clients to share their experiences, challenges and triumphs and to receive feedback and validation in a safe, therapeutic environment.

Yoga and Anxiety Group Therapy

This group focuses on developing healthy coping mechanisms for managing anxiety and panic attacks through gaining a better understanding of anxiety and the way our body responds to anxiety,

learning ways to manage anxiety and how to break the cycle of anxiety. The group will end with Yoga

Therapy which is designed to improve mood and reduce stress. Yoga therapy uses a combination of relaxation and movement to assist people to be more in the present moment, reduces emotional reactivity, improves mental sharpness and general mental health.

Women’s Group Therapy

This group assists women to build routine in their lives, learn about the importance of connection, trust and building relationships and skills to manage their mental health. The group focuses on mindfulness skills and understanding ways to manage emotions.