What to bring

Please bring with you into hospital anything applicable to your admission including:

  • doctor’s admission letter (if applicable)
  • name and contact details of general practitioner
  • health fund number / details (if applicable)
  • medicare card
  • pension health benefits card (if applicable)
  • pharmaceutical benefits card (if applicable)
  • ALL MEDICATIONS (in original packaging) you are currently taking
  • footwear including shoes suitable for walking
  • night attire and comfortable casual day wear
  • toiletries
  • glasses and hearing aids
  • personal articles i.e. toiletries
  • method for settling your account
  • please do not bring valuables

DO NOT (unless your doctor gives you special instructions):

  • Smoke cigarettes outside of designated smoking areas
  • Wear jewellery. A wedding ring and watch are permitted
  • Bring valuables ie. mobile phone and large amounts of cash
  • Bring your vehicle