Going home

You will be preparing for discharge from the very beginning of your admission. Your treating team will meet with you to create a discharge plan for you. This plan will have input from yourself and your carer, if you wish.

Prior to discharging from the Clinic, your doctor may recommend that you attend one of our Day Program groups to provide ongoing support and prevent relapse. They will make a referral to the psychologist responsible for the day programs and that psychologist can meet with you prior to your discharge from the Clinic.

On your day of discharge please vacate your room by 10:00am. You are welcome to stay within the Clinic to attend group and/or lunch. Your belongings can be stored for you.

Before heading home, please go to Reception where the team will have any Accounts for additional charges not covered by your health insurance, which are payable on discharge. We accept cash, credit card or EFTPOS (direct payments only, no cash withdrawals)

Aside from your hospital accounts, you may receive additional accounts from your treating Psychiatrist, Pathology, or Pharmacy services that may be claimable by you from Medicare and your health insurance fund.

If you do not have health insurance the Intake Co-ordinator will be able to advise you of the estimated costs.

Please note that you may receive a pharmacy account for pharmacy items that you may require during your stay that are non-admission related medications to your psychiatric admission (eg, medications that were being taken prior to the current admission) as they are not covered by Private Health Insurance.