Easy Access

Step 1. Call – 07 4050 7000

Please call our Intake Team at Ramsay Clinic Cairns to discuss accessing our services or to see if admission to the Clinic is suitable and available - 07 4050 7000

Note: If the patient is in acute crisis or actively suicidal, please call 000 or contact the local Hospital Emergency Department. Ramsay Clinic Cairns does not provide any emergency services.

General Practitioners are non-credentialed psychiatrists and cannot arrange admission directly to Ramsay Clinic Cairns.

Patients will need to have appropriate health care cover:

  • Private health insurance - Any patient that is covered by a private health fund.
  • Self-funded - The patient will be provided with an estimate prior to their admission.
  • Workers Compensation - Approval needs to be obtained from the insurance company prior to admission.
  • Veteran Affairs patients

Step 2. Referral

Referrals may be addressed to ‘Dear Doctor at Ramsay Clinic Cairns’ or to a credentialed Psychiatrist of choice (please refer to the specialist directory).

The referral from the treating GP or Psychiatrist should be sent to:

Note: Our credentialed Psychiatrists are Visiting Medical Officers (VMOs), not employees of Ramsay Health Care and make decisions regarding acceptance independently. This may include arranging an appointment for assessment, admission or not accepting a referral.

Step 3. Eligibility Check

This is a brief introductory phone call to let the patient know that we have received the referral, to discuss some of the details in that referral and check the insurance/cover details.

We will discuss the referral with our credentialed Psychiatrists and, if accepted, the Intake Team will contact the patient to discuss further arrangements.

Note: Eligibility also includes a determination on patient suitability for the services provided by Ramsay Clinic Cairns.

Step 4. Admission / Appointment

The admission or appointment is confirmed and date and time scheduled.

Note: Patients scheduled for admission are requested to complete the online admission form prior to admission.

On occasions when there is not a psychiatrist available to accept the admission, Ramsay Clinic Cairns notifies the patient and referring practitioner.

Download inpatient referral form 

Download day program referral form