Day Programs

Ramsay Clinic Hollywood offers a wide range of day programs for people requiring support for mental health conditions. These programs allow patients to address mental health issues with minimal wait time or disruption to their everyday lives.

GPs are able to refer direct to Day Programs and patients are admitted to the program under the care of one of our psychiatrists.

Programs are voluntary and participants need to be willing and able to participate in a group setting. Each person’s needs and suitability to participate are assessed prior to acceptance into the program.

You can read more about the specific Day Programs on offer at Ramsay Clinic Hollywood below

How to access Day Programs

To access Day Programs at Ramsay Clinic Hollywood, you’ll need a referral from your GP, psychologist or psychiatrist. 

Before you get started in a Day Program, you’ll also meet with our assessment team to discuss your goals for recovery, so that we can ensure our programs meet your needs.

For all enquiries about accessing services at Ramsay Clinic Hollywood please call 9346 6803 during business hours or Enquire now

Browse our Day Programs

Addiction Recovery and Harm Reduction

  • This program is for people who misuse or are dependent on alcohol, cannabis or prescription substances
  • This holistic program is designed to help people deal effectively with the factors causing their misuse or dependence on alcohol and/or other substances
  • Intensive Daily:  12 consecutive week days, for four days a week, over a three week period (usually starting on a Monday and finishing on a Friday)

Intensive Weekly:  An intensive program, once weekly usually every Monday.

Step-Down Program:  A relapse prevention weekly program that focuses on consolidating skills and offering further support for those who have completed the intensive daily or weekly programs.


Creative Art Therapy

  • For anyone who finds it challenging managing difficult thoughts and feelings. This program enables people to foster self-awareness and overall well-being
  • Patients don’t need any experience or skill in art as the aim is to enable effective change and growth on a personal level
  • This program is run every Monday


Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

  • For people experiencing frequent and intense changes in their emotional state, often leading to harmful coping behaviours
  • A highly structured program and includes modules on mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.
  • The program requires you to attend group therapy ½ a day a week for 13 weeks


Eating Disorders

  • For patients 16 years of age and older with less severe eating disorders, or for patients wanting to build on gains made in a recent inpatient stay for an eating disorder.
  • We offer regular individual dietetic appointments for each patient to monitor food choices and set eating plans. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy groups help patients learn how to manage unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
  • This is an open program that runs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for four weeks.


Mood and Anxiety Wellbeing

  • For people diagnosed with depression or anxiety disorders such as bipolar disorder, dysthymia, generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social and other phobias and self-esteem, anger or guilt problems.
  • This program helps patients understand their mood and anxiety disorder, identify thinking patterns that underlie and maintain the problem and acquire skills to maintain change.
  • The program runs every weekday morning for 10 days


Older Adult Wellness

  • For seniors and older persons aged late 50s, 60s and above who are experiencing anxiety, depression, grief or loss and other mental health conditions
  • This program aims to assist older people to live contented and fulfilled lives and focuses on helping them adjust to loss and change, manage depression and anxiety, improve sleep and socialise
  • The program runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each patient has an individual schedule.