Going home

Your doctor will discuss your discharge with you. Your Nurse will talk to you about any special services you may need after you are discharged.

Discharge Planning

Planning for your discharge commences prior to your arrival and continues throughout your stay to ensure we send you home well prepared.

You will be provided with a Discharge Plan and both verbal and written instructions relevant to your care, on discharge. Nursing Staff are available to further assist you if required.

Before You Leave the Hospital

Ensure you have Collected

  • Current medications and / or prescriptions
  • Medication Profile (medication list) if applicable
  • Discharge Plan which will be discussed with you by nursing staff
  • Personal belongings

Complete the survey forms which will be provided by nursing staff.

Discharge Time

Discharge time for inpatients is before 10:00 a.m. We ask that you adhere to this time.

If your transport is delayed, you may be asked to wait in the lounge area until you are picked up.

Managing after discharge

We recommend that before admission you consider how you will manage at home after discharge. Will you require someone to stay with you after being discharged? How will you prepare food, do the housekeeping and shopping? Will you need any special aids?