Carer Support

We recognise that mental illness can be associated with emotional distress and family disruption. The prospect of caring for your loved one can be daunting, but it can also be an extremely rewarding role.

At Ramsay Clinic Gold Coast, our aim is to help you to adjust to your carer role and we’re here to support and encourage you to maintain a positive outlook. With an approved patient’s carer consent form, we can provide you with information and involve you in decisions regarding current care, tests and treatment options for the person being treated. Most importantly, we can assist you to make plans for post-hospital care and assist you in developing contingencies for managing any relapse your loved one may experience.

Improved carer support is offered through our Carer Support Groups, with a number being offered within the clinic and community.

Carer support groups provide:

  • Support and networking through linking carers with each other.
  • Education and information on mental and physical illness as well as managing in your role as a care, knowing when to step back and caring for yourself whilst you are caring for another.
  • A link with external support agencies for both you and your loved one.

Further details are available in the Carer’s Pack provided upon admission that includes the carers brochure.

Another useful resource is the Beyond Blue Guide for Carers – supporting and caring for a person with depression, anxiety and/or related disorder.