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Ramsay Psychology

When you're ready,
we're ready.

Better mental health is not a race. It’s a journey to a healthier mind. Everyone’s mental health journey is different, and getting started is often the biggest step of all. Taking that first step is your call. When you’re ready, we’re ready. You are always in control. This is your time.

Anyone can seek care from a psychologist at Ramsay. Adults, children, teenagers, couples, families—all are welcome and no referral is necessary. Our compassionate and personable psychologists work with you to help you manage your mental health over the long term. We listen. We care. We help.


As Australia’s largest private provider of psychology services, our experienced team of psychologists and psychiatrists work across a wide range of mental health conditions. We will support you through various forms of challenges and concerns, such as depression and anxiety, relationship problems, eating disorders, grief, or coping with significant change.

There is no cookie-cutter approach to mental health. We all face life’s challenges differently. Our psychologists utilise world best-practice techniques and evidence-based therapies to develop the right mental health plan for your unique situation.

Our focus is on creating a future for you where you can manage life more easily and happily. By working together, we can give you the tools, resources and strategies to manage your mental health so you can live confidently and peacefully.

Expert Care. Let Us Help You With...

Alchohol or drug use that is damaging your physical and emotional health
Overwhelming feelings of worry, stress or concern
Low mood and sadness that disrupts your daily life.
Eating Disorders
Eating behaviours can effect mental health,body size,shape and weight
Other Conditions
We offer a wide range of mental health services for everybody
Youth &     Young Adult
Support and emotion regulation support for young people