What to bring

Welcome to Ramsay Clinic Caloundra. We recommend casual clothing around the Clinic during the day.

Valuable items are best left at home as there is no safe in patient rooms, just a lockable bedside drawer.

Please clearly label your belongings. Ramsay Clinic Caloundra does not accept liability for lost, stolen or damaged property.

Patient rooms have TVs including Foxtel, and free WiFi is available.

Items required on your Admission:

  • Medicare Card
  • Private Health Fund Card
  • Pension/PBS/DVA card (if applicable)
  • Safety Net Card
  • If your health cover requires you to pay an excess or co-payment, you will be required to pay this on admission

These items are essential for your stay:

  • Current medications and prescriptions
  • Comfortable, casual day clothes and night attire
  • Footwear is required to be worn in the Clinic (please bring comfortable joggers for exercise programs)
  • Toiletries
  • Any aids that are usually required ie. Walking frame, hearing or visual aids, CPAP machines

Some patients may also like to bring:

  • Writing / reading / small hobby material
  • A small amount of money
  • Minimal small electrical items to make your stay more comfortable eg, laptop, mobile phone.

What not to bring

  • Curling irons, hair dryers or straightening wands (we discourage bringing electrical items)
  • Objects containing glass eg, picture frames and glass/ceramic ornaments
  • Excessive amounts of craft/hobby supplies or clothing. (Patients may be asked to arrange for excessive personal belongings to be collected due to Workplace Health and Safety and Fire precautions.)

Please note:

  • Please do not drive your car to the Clinic unless you have arranged for someone to collect it. You will be asked to hand your car keys to nursing staff for safe keeping. It is a policy of Ramsay Health Care that patients do not drive while they are an inpatient.
  • The use of alcohol, illicit substances, non-prescription drugs or the misuse of prescription medications is prohibited. Any such behaviour may lead to discharge and/or police notification.

Please call 07 5491 1522 if you have any questions regarding your admission.