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General Information for Patients


There are two types of accommodation available at Ramsay Clinic Orange:

  • Ensuite rooms
  • Twin share with ensuite

Allocation of rooms is made by the Unit Manager and based on the following:

  • Availability
  • Clinical need
  • Level of health insurance

Although you may be allocated a private room you may find that after a period of time you will be required to move to a shared room. This will be determined by the needs of incoming clients, your level of health insurance and length of stay. Workers Compensation patients are currently entitled to a shared room only.

During peak times you may initially be allocated a shared room, however if entitled to you may request to be placed on a waiting list for a single room.

No alcohol is to be consumed at any time while you are a client in Ramsay Clinic Orange, this includes during gate/trial leave from the hospital. Non adherence to this policy may result in discharge.

Visitors may bring pets to the Clinic but to outdoor areas only. All dogs, with exception of sight-assisting dogs, must be muzzled whilst on the premises.

You are encouraged to wear comfortable, casual clothes while in the Clinic, and are requested not to wear night attire throughout the day.

Bedside Table Keys
Bedside table keys are available please see nursing staff if you would like a key.

You are requested not to bring a camera into the Clinic because photographs within the Clinic may compromise other client’s confidentiality.

Client Care Category
Your category status will be decided by your treating doctor and is determined by the requirements of your care. The nursing staff will explain the procedure to you.

Clinic Meetings
The Unit Staff conduct Clinic Meetings to discuss any matters pertaining to the Clinic. These meetings are on the group timetable and all clients are to attend.

Coat Hangers
Please do not bring any wire coat hangers into the Clinic. Only plastic coat hangers are used.

Please respect the privacy of all other clients at Ramsay Clinic Orange by not disclosing the identity of a client, or the nature of a client’s illness, outside of this Clinic. Please encourage your visitors to do the same.

It is suggested that you plan for your discharge. This discharge plan can be worked through in conjunction with the group program and with the assistance of Staff. Before your discharge day please discuss your discharge medication requirements with the Nursing staff. At your request discharge prescriptions can be written for you and taken to the Pharmacy of your choice upon discharge. Please ensure you see the Accounts Officer before discharge.

Electrical Items
On admission, and during your stay, you are requested to present any personal electrical items to be checked. If there are any concerns the hospital’s maintenance officer will be asked to examine them.

Group Therapy Program
See Group Therapy Program page for more details.

Late Night Entry into Ramsay Clinic Orange
If you are returning after 8.00pm, and find the Hospital doors have been secured, please go to the main entrance where a intercom buzzer is located on the wall and a staff member will respond to the buzzer and open the door.

Laundry facilities are available through Ramsay Clinic Orange if no other option is available. Tuesday and Thursday are patient laundry days. Ensure that all items sent to the laundry are hot water and machine washable and dryer safe.

Leave During the Day
Clients granted leave during the day may go on leave outside group times and by arrangement are to return to the Clinic by 8.00 pm.

It is vital that clinic staff know of your whereabouts at all times. It is therefore requested that each time you leave the Clinic you fill in the Whereabouts Book, located at the staff Station.

Linen Change
Linen change day is Tuesday. Strip bed of sheets and pillow case/s and place in large plastic linen bin in the Utility room. Clean linen can be found in the linen cupboard across from the dining room. Please see nursing staff if you require assistance to make your bed.

Meals are usually served in the dining room. Daily meal times are:

Breakfast 7.30am - 8.00am (varied on weekends)
Morning Tea 10.30am - 11.15am
Lunch 12.15pm - 1.30pm
Afternoon Tea 3.00pm - 3.30pm
Dinner 6.15pm - 7.00pm

Medication is dispensed from The Clinic’s Medication room. Medication times may vary slightly, but generally are as follows:

12.00 noon
8.00pm - 10.00pm

Motor Vehicle Policy
The Clinic regards the safety of all clients as paramount. We request you not to drive a motor vehicle during your stay at the Clinic (as per your Treatment Agreement).

Should you arrive with a motor vehicle it is recommended that arrangements be made as soon as possible for the vehicle to be taken home. All motor vehicle keys including spare keys if bought to the Clinic are to be surrendered on admission they will be locked away and returned on discharge. Failure to adhere to these conditions will result in the direction that your motor vehicle not to be kept at the Clinic on subsequent admissions.

Night Time
The clinic is secured and alarmed at 10.30pm and re-opened at 7.00am. For your own benefit, and in consideration of others, you are requested to retire to bed by 10.00 pm to 10.30pm. Please speak to Clinic staff if you are unable to sleep at this time.

Official Visitors
Official Visitors are appointed by the Minister for Health. They visit Ramsay Clinic Orange on a monthly basis. They talk to patients, inspect records and registers, report on the standards of facilities and services, liaise with staff about issues or concerns and report any problems to the Principal Official Visitor and/or the Minister for Health. If you do not see the Official Visitors during your stay and you wish to speak to them a letter can be left in the Official Visitor’s Box on the Ward,

During your stay at the Clinic, medication prescribed for conditions other than psychiatric conditions (e.g. physical conditions) will be your financial responsibility. All outstanding pharmacy accounts will be sent to you direct on discharge. These should be presented to your Health Fund as some of your medications may be covered. If you have Pharmaceutical Benefits Card please inform staff on admission and they will ensure this information is given to the Pharmacy.

Room Search
A room search may be conducted when a patient may demonstrate symptoms or behaviors which suggest a potential for self harm or the use of non-prescribed or illegal drugs

All External doors to the Hospital are alarmed at 10.30 and re-opened at approximately 7.00 am. Before opening any external doors early in the morning, please check with Clinic staff that the alarms have been turned off.

All internal areas of the Clinic are designated non-smoking. However, smoking is permitted outside in a designated smoking area in the courtyard. For security reasons the doors to this outside area will be locked and alarmed at 10.30 pm and re-opened at 7.00 am. Before opening any external doors early in the morning, please check with Clinic staff that the alarms have been turned off. Please note that smoking inside the Clinic will trigger smoke alarms and thus necessitate evacuation of the entire Clinic.

Telephones are available in bedrooms, local calls can be made at no cost, however STD calls are charged to your account (not covered by health funds). Please pay phone bills on Fridays before 3.00pm each week you are in the Clinic.

You are advised to leave valuables at home as the Clinic cannot take any responsibility for these items. The Clinic does however provide bedside table drawer keys so you may lock your personal belongings away. Please also limit the amount of cash you have while in the Clinic. Alternatively, valuables can be left in the safe at the front of the hospital for longer term security.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect to happen on admission to Ramsay Clinic Orange?

Each patient will be reviewed by their Psychiatrist twice a week, sometimes more. All patients take part in the group program which covers such subjects as: Stress Management, Mental Well-being, Positive Psychology, Medications, Family & Relationships as well as gym, tai chi, art and music, relaxation and meditation sessions. Skilled nursing staff care for patients 24 hours a day. Many past patients have reported that interaction and support from other patients has really enhanced their stay at Ramsay Clinic Orange

If I have a restless night, will someone be there to talk to?

Skilled nursing staff care for patients 24 hours a day. All patients are placed on a level of care from admission. In the first 24 hours patients are not to leave the Clinic. When reviewed by the Psychiatrist this category may be changed to allow patients to leave the hospital by themselves during the day except during group times. Be mindful that patients are checked 24 hours a day, this includes overnight. Do not be alarmed if you hear or see the night nurse checking on you. There is always someone in the Clinic for you to talk to.

Can I smoke at the Ramsay Clinic Orange?

All internal areas of the Clinic are non-smoking. However, you can smoke in the designated area in the courtyard. Smoking is not permitted outside at night after the doors are locked at 10pm. Smoking is not permitted during Group times.

Can I bring in a television?

When people are depressed and anxious they are more likely to stay in their rooms. This is unhealthy and is discouraged. The Clinic program is an important part of recovery and there is little time for television during the day. There are two televisions in the lounge rooms to watch with fellow patients later in the day.

Can I have visitors?

Visitors are welcome to come outside Group times. Please visit at the following times:
Morning Tea 10.30am – 11.15am
Lunch 12.15pm – 1.30pm
Afternoon Tea 2.45 – 3.30pm
Evening 6.30pm – 8.30 pm


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