How to Refer a Patient

  1. A referral from a medical practitioner is required for an inpatient admission.
  2. Medical practitioners may:
  • Telephone 0263616551 to discuss referral.
  • Fax referral to 02 63616797
    Referrals may be addressed to ‘Dear Doctor at Ramsay Clinic Orange’
  1. Please include in the referral:
  • Patient’s name, address, date of birth, contact numbers and Health Insurance details
  • Outline of presenting problem and concerns
  • Previous mental health history, treatments, and potential risk factors
  • Relevant medical history
  • Current medications
  1. Intake contacts the patient and:
  • Undertakes a health fund check and informs the patient of the outcome
  • Obtains additional information and undertakes a telephone risk assessment
  1. Intake contacts psychiatrist/s appropriate to the patient’s needs
  2. If admission criteria is met and a psychiatrist accepts the admission:
  • Intake contacts the patient to arrange the admission
  • Intake contacts the referring doctor to advise the admission date and treating psychiatrist

Referrers, please allow up to 2 days for notification of the outcome of a referral. Note: Psychiatrists have variable office hours.

On occasions when there is not a psychiatrist available to accept the admission Intake notifies the referring practitioner.

An electronic discharge summary will be sent to the referrer upon discharge of the patient and should typically arrive within 48 hours.