What to bring

Ramsay Clinic Adelaide provides single rooms with ensuite facilities.

You should bring casual day clothing, comfortable shoes, night attire and personal items (including toiletries, hairdryer, shaver and books. In addition please ensure you have your Medicare, Pension, Veteran Affairs, Chemist (if you are entitled to any concessions you must present your card on admission) and Health Fund Membership card/s (as applicable). Please bring any current medication with you.


As facilities for the safe keeping of valuables are very limited, we request that you do not bring jewellery and other valuables with you. Individual wardrobes can be locked with a key obtained from Reception. A small deposit is required and this is refunded on discharge.


Please bring all your current medications, which must be handed to the nursing staff and may be returned to you upon discharge. If your doctor approves while you are an in-patient of The Clinic, you won’t have to pay for any Psychiatric medication utilised during your hospitalisation. An account will be sent to you from the Pharmacy for discharge medication and any non Psychiatric medication not covered during your stay.