Public Grant for specialist women’s only mental health services

We are pleased to announce that Ramsay Clinic Thirroul has been generously given a NSW Government Public Grant to fund a 12 month contract to deliver greater access for female public patients to receive highly specialised trauma informed care for mental health issues at Ramsay Clinic Thirroul – Australia’s first women’s only mental health facility dedicated to the psychological and psychiatric consequences of trauma.

The Public Grant will facilitate access to:

  • One Inpatient General Psychiatric Program bed in a private room with ensuite
  • 30 Day Program Admissions (weekly attendance for 12 weeks) subject to clinical capacity

Ramsay Clinic Thirroul (RCT), located near Wollongong, is a trauma-informed mental health facility for women, providing inpatient and day patient services. The clinic specialises in general acute psychiatry with a particular focus on trauma and stress-related disorders (such as PTSD and complex PTSD), using a Trauma Informed Care model.

How to Refer:

Email a doctor’s referral to:  or Call: 1300 228 757

Admission Criteria:

  • Female gender
  • Voluntary consumer
  • Must have a primary diagnosis of cPTSD, PTSD or a general mental health diagnosis with PTSD background
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be referred by a doctor who has assessed the consumer to be medically stable
  • Must be able to ambulate and be independent with self-care
  • Must be willing to participate in daily trauma focused clinic based group therapy
  • Must not be under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol when attending program

Exclusion Criteria:

  • Overtly psychotic and not controlled by medication – unwilling or unable to be contained within hospital or accept treatment (moderate to high acuity)
  • Current active illicit substance dependency i.e. methamphetamine with risk of moderate to high behaviour disturbance or physical withdrawal (ETOH)
  • History of significant poor impulse control or cognitive impairment, violent/aggressive behaviour
  • Actively suicidal with intent or plan
  • Currently under the Mental Health Act (i.e. danger to themselves or others)
  • Court condition of bail- Section 32 or 33 NSW MH Act
  • Inability to comprehend or adhere to the Inpatient Code of Conduct Agreement. RCT reserves the right to discharge consumers who fail to abide by the aforementioned.
  • Two or more consumers in a close relationship. Consideration may be given under exceptional circumstances which would require MDT and executive approval.