Ramsay Mental Health

Admission Information

To attend any of the services offered at our Clinics, it is necessary to be under the care of a psychiatrist credentialed with the facility. To arrange this you will need a referral from your GP or psychiatrist. A list of psychiatrists credentialed to our clinics can be found on our individual Clinic websites.

On arrival you will be met by patient services staff who will facilitate your admission before escorting you to your room and orientating you to the Clinic. Staff will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment, safety, security and the daily routine.

Your Psychiatrist will discuss and direct your psychiatric, medical and paramedical treatment whilst you are in hospital. If you have any concerns about your progress or management please discuss these with your doctor, or the nurse in charge of your area. There is an expectation that you will attend recommended programs throughout your hospital stay.

The Nurse Unit Manager‘s primary function is to facilitate your treatment plan, coordinate the multi-disciplinary treatment team and ensure the smooth running of the Unit. Your Unit Manager will meet with you during your first day at the Clinic.

The first days of your admission are usually spent familiarising yourself with your new surroundings as well as building a therapeutic rapport with your treating team and Unit staff.

We endeavour to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible and many of our Clinics offer ambient dining facilities; internet cafés, comfortable lounge areas; laundry facilities and in some Clinics a gymnasium is available to our patients.