Ramsay Mental Health

Information for Carers

We recognise that mental illness can be associated with emotional distress and family disruption. The prospect of caring for your loved one may be daunting; however it can also be an extremely rewarding role. Carers rarely have any special qualifications or training in mental health. They are people like you, who have found themselves in a caring role for a range of different reasons.

We are committed to involving carers in the specialist treatment programs provided in our hospitals and helping you to adjust to your role as a carer; regardless of whether you are a first-time carer or have been caring for a loved one for some time.

If this is your first contact with a mental health service, you may be experiencing a range of emotions but you do not need to feel like you are on your own. Mental illness affects around 20 per cent of Australians at some stage of their lives, so there are many people in the community who are in a similar situation to you and your family or friends.

You can provide encouragement and support to your loved one at any stage of their patient journey, including taking the first step of talking to the experienced clinicians in the admissions centre of your nearest Ramsay Mental Health hospital/unit. This step requires not only courage, but also acceptance that your loved one needs professional help from one of our inpatient or day programs.

You can also talk to the staff about how you can be involved as a carer and join a carer support group within the hospital or in the community.

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