Ramsay Health Care


So much more than a career.. Become part of a vital, unique and progressive team:

Ramsay Health Care offers an extensive mix of career opportunities in our specialised Mental Health facilities and wards.

With a long history in providing excellent mental health services to the community, our career paths are highly sought after. We offer flexible, tailored career solutions and possess a genuine commitment to the ongoing professional development of each staff member. 

What's our difference?

  • We have a highly skilled staff base and long standing clinical leaders
  • Exceptional staff retention rates
  • Excellent supervision and reflective practice offerings
  • Flexible, family friendly working arrangements
  • Minimal to no agency use across all Australian sites
  • Your career progression is our priority
  • Positive leadership is alive and palpable
  • Our clinical environments offer a progressive, caring and familiar workplace where continuity of care is at the centre of patient care delivery
  • Culture and vitality is key to all workforce strategies
  • All levels of experience catered for and supported
  • Tailored career progression

Career opportunities include employment in roles such as:



Registered nurses (including graduate and post graduate supportive programs)
Enrolled nurses
Assistants in nursing
Allied health
Health Information Managers

See our Gradplus page here.


Housekeeping and environmental
Ward Clerks

Please see our Ramsay jobs pages at www.ramsayjobs.com.au


An amazing career…

Please allow us to introduce you to Anna (Registered Nurse and Clinical Nurse Specialist)

Anna is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the area of Acute mental health services at Northside Clinic in NSW.  Anna has worked with the Northside Clinic team for almost 5 years.

The moment you meet Anna you can see from her smile that she is dedicated to her work and passionate about her role at Northside Clinic. Anna is like so many others in her team. Passionate, professional and 110% committed.

From a young age Anna hoped to find a career that would make a real difference “I was drawn to the caring aspect of nursing” she said, “I wanted to hear people’s stories and communicate with individuals from all walks of life. The ideal of team work also really appealed to me”.

Anna began working as an AIN (Assistant in Nursing) at Northside Clinic whilst completing Bachelor of Nursing Degree in 2007. This was where she found her connection with mental health nursing. Anna completed clinical placements and her nursing graduate year at Northside Clinic and also enjoyed rotating through each of the specialty units.

It was during her graduate year that she identified an interest in the acute services speciality. Anna states “we can all relate to feeling anxious or depressed at times; I appreciate the opportunity to care for people when they are vulnerable and so unwell”.  Anna then details the specific body of knowledge she requires in her role “there is so much we can do to help their recovery. It really is amazing what we can achieve with our clinical skill and commitment to caring as a team”

Importantly Anna notes that supporting one another as mental health nurses is essential… “I feel totally valued and respected by the Northside Clinic team. Everything about their approach shows that they care for me”. Anna states that a culture of recognition and reward is at the core of the great team “Everyone, even the CEO, cares about me as a person. I am surrounded by skilled and senior staff who all wish to teach me new skills. I have so many great role models for my own practice”. Anna also finds the extensive support for her professional development and the flexible self-rostering to be an additional bonus.

When asked what the future holds for Anna she replies … “I feel I can do anything with the support of the Northside Clinic Team… I guess I have the world at my feet!”

Anna’s management team most certainly agree and intend to help her achieve her highest goals.

Anna is a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the area of Acute Adolescent Mood Disorders at Northside Clinic in NSW